Communicate | Connect | Grow 

Emergent Communications offer project-based consultancy services to organisations of all kinds – from large multinational corporations and governments to small and innovative businesses and NGOs. We help you to hone your message and then create the right strategy to connect with your target audiences. 

The consultancy services we deliver include:


  • communication & campaign - including: outreach, social media, PR, online, integrated, across all platforms
  • marketing - research, tactics, engagement, digital, surveys
  • SEO - including: link building, keywords, search, paid search
  • stakeholder identification and engagement
  • business development and partnership building

Content development

  • research and report / blog / article writing
  • copy writing
  • photography, video, design


  • development - concepts, building new sites, improving sites, social media integration, blog development
  • editing - copy, pictures, video
  • photography / filming
  • copy writing


  • strategy - organisational transformation & sustainable business models
  • business audits and strategy to help develop or improve the social mission of your business
  • green your brand, products, project
  • energy efficiency, carbon reduction, offsets and carbon markets
  • biodiversity action planning
  • supply chain logistics
  • sustainable finance

PR and media management

  • public affairs
  • press releases, announcements
  • lobbying
  • strategic mapping of key influencers


  • crowd funding: strategy, campaign management
  • corporate sponsorship
  • trusts and foundations
  • HNWI


  • administration support - e.g. help with operations and setting up systems and processes
  • managing - designers, video makers and project partners
  • project management
  • events